Journal Articles

Wang, Kan and Manfred Elfstrom. 2017. “Worker Unrest and Institutional Change: Perceptions of Local Union Leaders in China.” China Information 31(1): 84-106.

Elfstrom, Manfred and Sarosh Kuruvilla. 2014. “The Changing Nature of Labor Unrest in China.” Industrial and Labor Relations Review 67(2): 453–80.

Chapters in Edited Volumes

Maite Tapia, Manfred Elfstrom, and Denisse Roca-Servat. Forthcoming. “Bridging Social Movement and Industrial Relations Theory: An Analysis of Worker Organizing Campaigns in the U.S. and China.” In Forrest Briscoe, Brayden King, and Jocelyn M. Leitzinger eds., Social Movements, Stakeholders, and Non-Market Strategy. Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishing.

Book Reviews

Elfstrom, Manfred. 2016. “Review of Police Reform in China by Kam C. Wong.” Journal of Chinese Political Science 21(2): 263-264.

Elfstrom, Manfred. 2012. “Power in Coalition : Strategies for Strong Unions and Social Change by Amanda Tattersall.” Industrial and Labor Relations Review 65(4): 1000–1001.


Becker, Jeffrey, and Manfred Elfstrom. 2010. The Impact of China’s Labor Contract Law on Workers. Washington, D.C.: International Labor Rights Forum.

Works in Progress

Elfstrom, Manfred. “Labor Issues in China.” (Under Review)

Elfstrom, Manfred. “China’s Contentious Cab Drivers.” (Under Review)

Elfstrom, Manfred. “Social Justice, Nationalism, and Popular Protest in China.” (Under Review)

Cairns, Christopher and Manfred Elfstrom.“Testing ‘Control 2.0’: Why Chinese Authorities Allow or Suppress New and Old Media Coverage of Labor Disputes.” 

Elfstrom, Manfred. “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Labor Activism and State Capacity in China.”

Manfred Elfstrom. “A Tale of Two Deltas: Labor Politics in Jiangsu and Guangdong.”


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